About Us

Now here’s something different. Back to the Duet. Goats with headlamps, as their title suggests, are no goats of the ordinary kind. They have such a wide range of genres that they cannot be put into one. The two wild minds behind Goats with Headlamps are Becca Smith and Brett Alan Rouse, two prolific songwriters melded into a musical frenzy. Becca comes from the experience of leading songwriter for The Dovetail Joints, Break for Borneo and The Illuminators. Brett has been in Shark Toy, Lava Rock, Strombus, Ten Foot Faces, just to name a few. From the coffeehouse to the arena, they bring interesting hooks and time changes with a nod to the masters. These are the B-sides for music lovers that remember good music. If you like quirky sexy and a little bit rugged, you’re gonna love this.